Sleeveless Hat Demo

by Cop Date

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released June 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Cop Date Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Terrifying Sex
Christoph is a disgusting man and he's got a disgusting plan. To find a woman as wild as he can. To put his balls in some kind of fan.
Terrifying Sex
Tased in the face and sprayed with mace. Sex with a gun, he'd find that fun. Billo butt tubes and chilli lubes. Who knows what he's gonna do.
Get the strap-on
Track Name: Cop Date
Cop date cop date
Cop date cop date yeah
Kind of a joke I kind of regret. Dating a cop off the internet. Be mean to a cop, that's my plan. Insult at the bar and a tinder ban. Didn't expect the date to go well. I should bail but what the hell. So what if i'm a narc and a sleaze. Tonight i'm gonna fuck the police.
Track Name: No Dates 4 Dead Cops
You can't date a cop if they're already dead. It's too late if someone shot them in the head. It's not important how they died. If you date them you'll be crucified.
No dates for dead cops
No dates for you
You'll be dead the world and dead to punk. All this for a dead cop you met at lunch.
No dates for dead cops
No dates for you
Dead cops
No dates
Track Name: You're In Gaol Now
You were born to go to gaol. Fucked day one when you inhaled. Came into the world a spiky punk. No choice but get fucked on junk.
You're in gaol now
Studded handcuffs installed at birth. Norms stare at you with relentless mirth. They guess you were made as a stupid joke. Steal shit to sell for a bag of coke. To make them laugh and do what's expected. They see you and assume that you're infected. Your back patch, your chaos pouch, is what they've used to hunt you out.
You're in gaol now
Track Name: Cop Date 2: Second Date
Truth is that i've never been to jail. Never had a problem as a rich white male. Not hard to imagine if you look at me. That I've led a charmed life most fancy free. But that doesn't mean I can't date cops, either as a joke or an elaborate plot. Because cops are out there dating every day, with every person in every way. Wouldn't want to hurt a cop's feelings, so I'll be thoughtful in all my dealings The date we're going on will be so lovely. A nice spanish restaurant and a bottle of bubbly. Sure i've never been on death row. It's hard to imagine that isn't a pro. You should be happy that my rap sheet is all pure fire lyrics and beats. Look cop, let's just go on a date. I'll bring you flowers, it will be great.
Track Name: Body By Hatred
Time for a heavy coat and walk in the ocean. Or maybe not and just remain broken. Only thing I can do for a fix - fill myself with fried bullshit and chips.
Body by hatred
There's only one way to look this good. Come and take a look under my hood. My body is made entirely of pies. Don't believe me then check these thighs.
Body by hatred
Track Name: Cop Dog
Cop dog
tumblr blog
I just hate cop dog
I just hate
Weibo poliebo
cop dog
cop emoji
dog emoji
you're a cop dog
Sixteen cops sixteen fucking dogs
Track Name: Punks Is Cops
You look like a punk but you smell like a cop.
Cops is punks, punks is cops.
You look like a drunk but you're a fucking cop.
Cops is drunks, drunks is cops.
Man on the tram, woman in Japan. Out back at my gran's disguised as a flan. Mums and dads is cops. Luke Leprosy is cops. Bands from Sydney is cops. Everything is cops.
Track Name: Coppin Birth
Your life is a total sham. You will never be Bev Ham. You're a cop of the shittiest kind, born with cuffs of shit and blind. Cuffed in every single way. Poison city record birthday. [Redacted] is your favourite band. Time to work on personal brand. You are kindergarten cop, but an even bigger flop. Your big beard is not on trend. You will never have real friends
Born a cop, fucking die one
Track Name: Cop Hat
You're a stupid cop, and you wear a hat, and on your dumb hat you have put a badge
Stupid fucking cop
Dumb fucking hat
You got your new badge at a cop show with cops. Cop badge with cop name. Cop Date is your favourite band.
Stupid fucking cop
Dumb fucking hat
You're a stupid cop and you wear a hat and on your dumb hat you have put a badge.
Stupid fucking cop
Dumb fucking hat